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Just like a traditional travel agent, we put together an amazing travel experience for you.  Unlike a traditional travel agent, we don't need you show up at an office, sit down for hours, or push a prearranged package deal on you.  We also know you don't need hand-holding on your trip - but don't have time to plan it.

At WeekenderPro, we focus on weekend getaway experiences, and we tailor them to your interests, custom fit to your need to recharge and remind you that life is beautiful.  A quick online survey and a 15 minute web-consult is all we require from you.  Leave the rest up to us.


We know you are busy, so let us put together a fabulous experience, consulting local resources whenever possible, and we'll guide you all weekend long. 


We can help you consider a weekend of:

  • Big city excitement 

  • Country roads and exploration

  • Spa-pampered lavish resort getaway

  • Cultural/Historical or "live like a local" weekend

  • Foodie weekend of craft coffee, cocktails, street markets, and farm-to-table small plates

  • Outdoor adventure adrenaline rush

  • Family Getaways or Stay-cation to discover a new aspect of your hometown

  • Girls/Guys/Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekends

  • Sand and sunshine at your own private beach house 

  • Romantic Couples weekend away 


With it comes:

  • Our planning services, curated to fit your needs:  

    • From a weekend itinerary matching your interests, to full-range door-to-door travel arrangements

    • See our experience packages for details

  • A 15 minute live consult to get to know you and brainstorm your weekend together.

  • A customized itinerary that walks you through your weekend and reminds you of the fun  

  • An incredible weekend experience, customized to fit your budget.


Despite our love for global adventure, we are currently focusing on North-American based weekends.

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