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4-6 Weeks Advance Planning is Best

​We typically try to plan your weekend at least 4 weeks in advance in order to find abundant accommodation options and book the best rates.  We can do last minute bookings - and at times they come at significant price reductions - but they may come at a premium price.

We cannot book certain accomodations

​Some accommodation options, such as Airbnb, do not allow bookings on behalf of others.  In this case we will recommend an accommodation but will not be able to complete the booking on your behalf.

Sometimes 'stuff' happens

WeekenderPro cannot be held responsible for circumstances outside of our control, such as weather cancellations or related travel delays, sickness, or other unforeseen events.  Therefore, we recommend adding the travel insurance we will offer as part of your itinerary to cover your weekend experience in the event of such unfortunate circumstances. 

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